Copyright 1989.

The small town of Aguana lies just on the outskirts of the San Diego Dead Zone. One night they are raided by the vampires. Vampires are mysterious mutants that have plagued California for decades. Little is known about them except they strike in the night and abduct mostly young women. It is decided to send Blade and the Force to hunt them down and eliminate them once and for all.

The Force barely has time to recover from their last mission against the Reptiliods before they find themselves off to San Diego. They track the vampires to the blasted ruins of San Diego. There they find a race of people that are descended from survivors that lived in a fallout shelter. To survive they turned to drinking their own blood and now the descendants must feed on human blood to survive. The exhausted and outnumbered Force must fight against overwhelming odds to survive.

Another evil race of mutants that are plaguing humanity. Their leader Corpus doesn’t seem to share the typical delusion of world conquest that the other mutant leaders have exhibited. Indeed he has a much more grounded grasp of reality. Of course he is still a narcissistic douchebag that you can’t help but find quite satisfying when he gets skewered on Grizzly’s claws.

Some interesting developments in this book. The Clan sent Bear as a replacement for the recently deceased Kraft. He is known from past adventures and will be a much more reliable member than the dipshit Kraft ever was. Also Grizzly begins to overcome his prejudice against humans and finds his purpose in life. He also comes to the realization that he loves Athena. She of course still view his as a friend. So possible future tensions with this development.


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