Anniversary reblog. A fun obscure alien invasion book.



A bird like alien race called the Cweom-jik discover Earth. Unable to conquer Earth directly they devise an indirect approach. They introduce clandestinely the technology of duplicators which collapse the humans economy. At the height of the chaos they introduce themselves and offer to help. By the late 21st century they rule the Earth with an iron claw.

Brent Erlanger is a man living in a small town in Ohio. He has the misfortune to be caught with the mayor’s daughter. Under Cweon-jik rule the puppet rulers have the power of life and death. The mayor has a nasty habit of executing his daughters lovers. Brent is forced to flee to escape execution.

After adventures in the wilderness and the ruins of Cincinnati he hooks up with the resistance. Taken to their secret base at Oak Ridge Tennessee he trains to become part of the resistance. An expedition to Cincinnati…

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Anniversary reblog. Another favorite of mine.



On August 12, 1992 in this reality the IRA succeeds in contaminating Britain’s drinking water with LSD. The prime minister and others in power under LSD decide to retaliate by nuking Ireland. And for good measure their allies South Africa and China. The war escalates and draws almost all countries into the fight. Chemical and biological weapons kill half the world’s population.

Now it is 1999 and the US like most of the world is a depopulated wasteland. Texas has seceded taking their needed oil reserves. Since manpower is scarce both sides must rely on Israeli mercenaries. It seems that Israel is one of the few countries to not get involved with the war and actually faces overpopulation.

Sol Ingelstein commands a brigade of modern Centurion tanks for the Federal Domestic Forces. His laser gatling gun mounted tanks easily crush the Texan’s obsolete armor and make it to Dallas. There…

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Anniversary reblog. The final book in the gypsy saga.


We start with Gypsy in Marseilles continuing his quest for the mystery behind his identity. First he has to rescue his two friends Annabelle and Warpole. Annabelle is a prisoner of a bordello in Marseille and Warpole is captive of the Scavengers on the Cape Verde islands. The Scavengers are introduced as a group dedicated to collecting technology and people to rule the world.

After successfully rescuing his friends the three head off to Africa. First stop is Ophir which is a sort of Disneyland of Africa. Joining a faux safari the three must battle a rogue robot gorilla and agents of the Scavengers. All the while Gypsy gets cryptic advice from the mysterious talking vulture.

Finally at the country of Ngumi which is in the midst of a violent revolution, Gypsy discovers tantalizing glimpses into his past.

Sadly this was the last of Gypsy’s quest. It seems that Gypsy…

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Weird Heroes 3: Quest of the Gypsy by Ron Goulart



The year is 2033 and a man finds himself in Paris. The city is being torn apart by robots in the middle of one of their revolutions. The man has no memories after 1978. Luckily there is a talking vulture that can fill him in on current events. The vulture is cryptic in that he calls our hero Gypsy and he is part of some grand game. He tells Gypsy that he must go to London for answers.

In London the city is suffering from a plague that only kills men. Gypsy rescues a rogue by the name of Walpole from the police so he has a guide. The first stop is an old hospital that Gypsy remembers. At the hospital he finds a group of women under Queen Bess are behind the plague. Using his new found powers of telekinesis and teleportation he defeats their plot to rid Britain…

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Copyright 1989.

A man running from something climbs to the top of the Space Needle. The man is the captain of the Cutterhawk a Californian destroyer that disappeared while answering a distress call from Seattle. He manages to broadcast a distress call that his ship was sunk by a mine and the survivors are prisoners of a mutant called Manta. Luckily Hickok is the one to intercept the call.

At the same time Blade is back from California and is told of the fate of the Cutterhawk. So being the head of the Freedom Force he feels responsible to rescue the crew. He also has to decide who will replace him as the head warrior for the Home. So he picks his three top candidates Hickok, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and Yama to accompany him.

The VTOL drops the four just north of Seattle. The city was neutron bombed during to war so it is relatively intact. Of course there are many dangers. Rabid packs of dogs, giant crabs and flocks of mutant seagulls that will peck you to death. The city is controlled by two factions. In the east is a human gang called the Sharks. They are ruled by a man named Tiger. Tiger is a well educated man with a love of art and literature especially Edgar Allen Poe. He is also convinced that he is the most superior man on the planet and destined to dominate everyone else.

The west is controlled by Manta and his Brethren. They are gill-men that Manta and his similarly mutated sister spawned that number over two hundred. Manta is a dour mutant that takes seriously his manifest destiny of world conquest by his inbred Brethren. He hates humans and keep them as slaves in his Humarium, an aquarium for humans. Now it is up the Blade and his fellow warriors to teach these megalomaniacs a lesson in humility.

Another fun entry in the Endworld series. The main point of this book sets up how Blade will be in both this and the Blade series. The Family Elders are divided on who should succeed Blade. Plato convinces Blade to use the VTOL’s to come back for a week every month. This gives time for Plato to convince the Elders to appoint Blade’s choice which is Hickok. So now Blade will be super busy with two series.




Copyright 1989.

Its the first day on the job for Blade as leader of the Freedom Force. The Hurricane VTOL’s are bringing in the recruits from each of the factions to the compound north of Los Angeles. It becomes apparent that the group is a mixed bag of individuals. Some are known to Blade and are solid. Others are not up to standards and one is an actual psychopath. The Civilized Zone actually sends one of the Doktor’s surviving mutants. A man named Grizzly is a hybrid of a grizzly bear and a man. He also has a deep prejudice against humans. Blade begins to wonder what he has gotten himself into.

Well the force gets its first mission soon after. A reporter named Athena Morris for the L.A Times has recently escaped from captivity. A mutant called The Spider has a compound in the wilderness of northern California. His hatchlings have been kidnapping women from surrounding towns to impregnate and create more hatchlings for his army. Now with Athena as a guide the untested Freedom Force head out to put an end to the Spider’s reign of terror.

So the question is does the world need another book series starring Blade? Of course it does. You can never have enough Blade. So what makes this different from the Endworld series? Well its set in California so there will be plenty of missions on the west coast. The force is composed of a variety of individuals with a whole bunch of conflicting personalities making for interesting conflicts both internal and external of the group. And of course there is still plenty of opportunities to travel to exotic locations. Meet strange mutants, warlords and other various lowlifes and kill them.

So here are the role call of the characters.
Blade- the Family’s recruit and leader of the Force.
Boone- the Calvary’s recruit. A skilled gunfighter almost as good as Hickok.
Thunder- the Flathead Indian’s recruit. A skilled tracker and warrior.
Spader- the Mole’s recruit. Was volunteered by the Mole’s leader and resents being there. Is killed on the first mission against the Spider.
Kraft- the Clan’s recruit. A punk that’s quick with his switchblade. Joined because of the women he heard about in California and also wanted the action. Oh yeah he loves to kill and is somewhat of a psychopath.
Grizzly- the Civilized Zone recruit. A bear hybrid creation of the Doktor. Has strong retractable claws and probably the deadliest member of the force. Also has a deep hatred for humans.
Sgt. Havoc- California’s recruit. A professional soldier in the California Army.
Athena Morris- Becomes officially part of the force at the end. Serves as an embedded reporter for the unit.

Some recurring characters
General Miles Gallagher- California general that is liaison with the Force. Doesn’t support California’s entry into the Federation but has a grudging respect for Blade.
Governor Melnick- the Governor of the California Free State. The Force was his idea and his government is one footing the bill for the endeavor.




Copyright 1988.

The California Free State is going to join the Freedom Federation. California is the only state to maintain it’s integrity after the war and is now a powerful and stable democracy. Blade and Hickok accompany Plato to a meeting of the Federation leaders to Anaheim. Right after getting off one of California’s VTOL Hurricane aircraft, a sniper tries to take out Plato. Later the limo they are riding in is attacked by a mortar barrage on the freeway. At the hotel a soldier starts spraying his M-16 at them. It doesn’t take Blade long to realize that someone is seriously out the get them.

Blade and Hickok find out that the conference is targeted by an international guild of assassins lead by a creepy guy named Kraken. The guild was hired by Primator the crazy computer that runs Androxia. Primator wants to sabotage California’s entry into the Freedom Federation and also get his revenge on Blade. Blade and Hickok defeat the guild and California joins the Federation. It is decided at the end to form a small strike force made up of volunteers from each faction to combat an threats to the member states. Guess who is chosen to lead it.

Well it had to happen eventually. Blade and Hickok visit Disneyland. Sadly the amusement park has fallen on hard times since the Big Blast. A giant mutant alligator and inbred cannibals now infest the amusement park. Definitely not a family friendly place to visit.

So the big event that happens in this book is California’s entry to the Freedom Federation and the formation of the Freedom Force. It sets up the spinoff series Blade which we will examine next week.

Happy Easter everyone.