Copyright 1989.

Two jeeps filled with well dressed men are heading toward the Home in Minnesota. They come upon four young people on the road. One of them is Mindy who is from the Home. After they hear this the men shoot the other three. Two are killed outright and the third is shot in the knees. The leader leaves a message with the survivor. He’s to tell Blade that his name is Don Pucci and if he wants to see Mindy he has one month to come to Las Vegas and meet him at the Golden Horn Casino. Otherwise Mindy will be killed.

Naturally Blade doesn’t take kindly to threats to the Family members. So together with the Alpha Triad Hickok and Geronimo they take off in the SEAL. Also along is another warrior Helen who happens to be the mother of Mindy. They arrive at Vegas and find that it is still a hot tourist destination. Casinos, booze and women available 24 hours seven days a week. Oh and its also run by the Mafia. So basically nothing has changed since the Big Blast.

They get involved with a war between two powerful Dons. They find out that Don Giorgio was the one who set up Don Pucci hoping the warriors would eliminate his main rival. Of course it doesn’t work out the way he wanted and lives to regret ever messing with Blade.

You know this is what I love about this series. They fight mutants, Soviets and androids in one book. Now they are in Las Vegas and taking on the mob. There’s always something new. I guess I’m not surprised that Vegas is still going after the apocalypse. Not even a nuclear war can stop Vegas.

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