Copyright 1989.

Word has come out of a mutant confederation that is forming in the outlands. The Freedom Federation decides to send the force to investigate. So Blade and the force go in and check out the city of Grant’s Pass, Oregon. Things don’t go as planned and they are captured by a race of reptilian men. Taken to the city they find it is ruled by a mutant race called the Reptiloids. They are ruled by Reptilian a mutant that has an interest in the old Roman empire and hopes to recreate his own version.

In his Imperium he holds gladiator matches where the loser is make into hamburgers. Literally with ketchup and buns. The Reptiloids have a taste for human flesh. Now Blade the force must survive the arena or be turned into Big Macs.

The second in the series sees the force start to form into a cohesive team. Havoc, Boone and Thunder start to form a friendship and there is a growing bond between Grizzly and Athena. Kraft is killed but he was sort of an asshat so that’s no big loss. Reptilian is a jovial mutant with a sense of humor and can even laugh at jokes directed at him. Nice to see that the villains in the series aren’t all grim and dour. Of course he is also a delusional megalomaniac with the standard dream of world conquest.

I will say that the Pacific Northwest is probably a place you want to avoid after the apocalypse. If it isn’t mutants trying to make you into burgers they are putting you into Humariums to perform for their amusement. Yup I think I’ll just stay in the Midwest. It’s probably safer.


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