Copyright 1989.

A man running from something climbs to the top of the Space Needle. The man is the captain of the Cutterhawk a Californian destroyer that disappeared while answering a distress call from Seattle. He manages to broadcast a distress call that his ship was sunk by a mine and the survivors are prisoners of a mutant called Manta. Luckily Hickok is the one to intercept the call.

At the same time Blade is back from California and is told of the fate of the Cutterhawk. So being the head of the Freedom Force he feels responsible to rescue the crew. He also has to decide who will replace him as the head warrior for the Home. So he picks his three top candidates Hickok, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and Yama to accompany him.

The VTOL drops the four just north of Seattle. The city was neutron bombed during to war so it is relatively intact. Of course there are many dangers. Rabid packs of dogs, giant crabs and flocks of mutant seagulls that will peck you to death. The city is controlled by two factions. In the east is a human gang called the Sharks. They are ruled by a man named Tiger. Tiger is a well educated man with a love of art and literature especially Edgar Allen Poe. He is also convinced that he is the most superior man on the planet and destined to dominate everyone else.

The west is controlled by Manta and his Brethren. They are gill-men that Manta and his similarly mutated sister spawned that number over two hundred. Manta is a dour mutant that takes seriously his manifest destiny of world conquest by his inbred Brethren. He hates humans and keep them as slaves in his Humarium, an aquarium for humans. Now it is up the Blade and his fellow warriors to teach these megalomaniacs a lesson in humility.

Another fun entry in the Endworld series. The main point of this book sets up how Blade will be in both this and the Blade series. The Family Elders are divided on who should succeed Blade. Plato convinces Blade to use the VTOL’s to come back for a week every month. This gives time for Plato to convince the Elders to appoint Blade’s choice which is Hickok. So now Blade will be super busy with two series.



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