Copyright 1989.

Its the first day on the job for Blade as leader of the Freedom Force. The Hurricane VTOL’s are bringing in the recruits from each of the factions to the compound north of Los Angeles. It becomes apparent that the group is a mixed bag of individuals. Some are known to Blade and are solid. Others are not up to standards and one is an actual psychopath. The Civilized Zone actually sends one of the Doktor’s surviving mutants. A man named Grizzly is a hybrid of a grizzly bear and a man. He also has a deep prejudice against humans. Blade begins to wonder what he has gotten himself into.

Well the force gets its first mission soon after. A reporter named Athena Morris for the L.A Times has recently escaped from captivity. A mutant called The Spider has a compound in the wilderness of northern California. His hatchlings have been kidnapping women from surrounding towns to impregnate and create more hatchlings for his army. Now with Athena as a guide the untested Freedom Force head out to put an end to the Spider’s reign of terror.

So the question is does the world need another book series starring Blade? Of course it does. You can never have enough Blade. So what makes this different from the Endworld series? Well its set in California so there will be plenty of missions on the west coast. The force is composed of a variety of individuals with a whole bunch of conflicting personalities making for interesting conflicts both internal and external of the group. And of course there is still plenty of opportunities to travel to exotic locations. Meet strange mutants, warlords and other various lowlifes and kill them.

So here are the role call of the characters.
Blade- the Family’s recruit and leader of the Force.
Boone- the Calvary’s recruit. A skilled gunfighter almost as good as Hickok.
Thunder- the Flathead Indian’s recruit. A skilled tracker and warrior.
Spader- the Mole’s recruit. Was volunteered by the Mole’s leader and resents being there. Is killed on the first mission against the Spider.
Kraft- the Clan’s recruit. A punk that’s quick with his switchblade. Joined because of the women he heard about in California and also wanted the action. Oh yeah he loves to kill and is somewhat of a psychopath.
Grizzly- the Civilized Zone recruit. A bear hybrid creation of the Doktor. Has strong retractable claws and probably the deadliest member of the force. Also has a deep hatred for humans.
Sgt. Havoc- California’s recruit. A professional soldier in the California Army.
Athena Morris- Becomes officially part of the force at the end. Serves as an embedded reporter for the unit.

Some recurring characters
General Miles Gallagher- California general that is liaison with the Force. Doesn’t support California’s entry into the Federation but has a grudging respect for Blade.
Governor Melnick- the Governor of the California Free State. The Force was his idea and his government is one footing the bill for the endeavor.



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