Copyright 1988.

The California Free State is going to join the Freedom Federation. California is the only state to maintain it’s integrity after the war and is now a powerful and stable democracy. Blade and Hickok accompany Plato to a meeting of the Federation leaders to Anaheim. Right after getting off one of California’s VTOL Hurricane aircraft, a sniper tries to take out Plato. Later the limo they are riding in is attacked by a mortar barrage on the freeway. At the hotel a soldier starts spraying his M-16 at them. It doesn’t take Blade long to realize that someone is seriously out the get them.

Blade and Hickok find out that the conference is targeted by an international guild of assassins lead by a creepy guy named Kraken. The guild was hired by Primator the crazy computer that runs Androxia. Primator wants to sabotage California’s entry into the Freedom Federation and also get his revenge on Blade. Blade and Hickok defeat the guild and California joins the Federation. It is decided at the end to form a small strike force made up of volunteers from each faction to combat an threats to the member states. Guess who is chosen to lead it.

Well it had to happen eventually. Blade and Hickok visit Disneyland. Sadly the amusement park has fallen on hard times since the Big Blast. A giant mutant alligator and inbred cannibals now infest the amusement park. Definitely not a family friendly place to visit.

So the big event that happens in this book is California’s entry to the Freedom Federation and the formation of the Freedom Force. It sets up the spinoff series Blade which we will examine next week.

Happy Easter everyone.



  1. Actually, I’ve been in an amusement park that gave off the vibes of being what a post apocalyptic community would make of its remaining amusement park. The kids’ carousel was hand-pulled, although that was apparently just a problem that day, since when we went back the motor was running. The park was shabby, but respectably shabby, and it’s sincerely one of my favorite places.

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