Copyright 1988.

A mysterious silent craft manned by strange seven foot tall men in silver suits silently lands within the walls of the Home. They are there to kidnap Blade. Luckily for them they find him in an isolated part of the compound training with Hickok. Both warriors are captured. Also the three mutants that deserted the Doktor and joined the Family are also about. Lynx, Ferret and Gremlin manage to sneak aboard the craft before it takes off.

Blade, Hickok and the mutants find themselves in Androxia. Formerly the city of Houston, Androxia is now controlled by Primator. A year before the war NASA created a super computer. That computer gained intelligent sentient thought. When the scientists ran off and the government collapsed Primator the computer took over the automated android plan. With an army of androids called Superiors it was able to take over Houston. Now it runs a city with total computer logic. The humans called Serviles have been bred to be docile and controlled through a careful program of spaying and neutering to keep their numbers in check. The Serviles perform the menial tasks.

Blade finds out he was captured as a favor to Clarissa. Clarissa was the Doktor’s paramour and she wants revenge on the man that killed her lover. Primator was friends with the Doktor and Primator has also created a number of mutants using the Doktor’s procedures. Now Blade and his companions must escape a city run by a computer with an ego the size of the moon and his killer androids.

This is what I love about this series. A crazy giant computer and killer androids. You always get some new and odd villain for Blade to fight. The story had Hickok and Lynx my two favorite characters. Lynx finds a female lynx mutant named Melody and the three mutants at the end are granted official warrior status and formed into the newest triad Bravo Triad.


  1. Does it mention what happened to Clarissa? I just finished re-reading books 1-8 and I’m leaving it there as it is a great conclusion. She’s really the only loose end and I was hoping to tie it up. THANKS A BUNCH for making these, though. My parents bought 1-15 and my friend and I ended up getting up to 27 in high school. Loved em.

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