Copyright 1988.

The Freedom Federation gets a visit from a mysterious emissary. Captain Wargo is from the Technics. Technic city which is formerly Chicago was taken over by scientists from the Chicago Institute of Advanced Technology after the war. They have rebuilt the city into an advanced technological city state. Wargo wants the Family to provide the SEAL for a dangerous mission to New York City. Under the ruins are the Genesis seeds. Seeds developed before the war that are radiation resistant and can grow in any environment.

Now Wargo is sleezy as hell but they decide it is worth checking out. They send the SEAL along with Alpha Triad to Technic City. They do indeed find an advanced city. They also find out that it is a repressive society run by technocrats. Children are raised in government daycare until twelve when they’re assigned jobs. You need permits just to take a walk. Oh yeah they also subsist of a diet of mostly worms. Oh yummy.

The whole place is run by the Minister. He’s your typical megalomaniac with delusions of world conquest. He betrays them soon after they arrive. Blade and Geronimo are forced to take along a squad of Technic commandos while Hickok is kept as a hostage. They arrive in New York which was one of the few cities actually flattened by a nuclear missile. The place is also overrun by cannibalistic mutants called Zombies. Now Blade and Geronimo must survive hordes of Zombies and turn the tables on their captors.

Meanwhile Hickok is really pissed at being stripped naked and chained to a wall. It doesn’t take him long to escape and find his Colt Pythons. He definitely will make the Minister and the worm eating technocrats pay for their treachery.

This was another exciting story in the epic annuls of Blade and the warriors. We get another great and formidable enemy in the Technics. One that they will meet again in future stories.


  1. I think it’s interesting how enemies really vary by the time they were written in. You could probably guess the decade of any novel just judging by who they’ve made the enemy.

  2. I’m kind of surprised the radiation-proof super-seeds weren’t deployed sooner after World War III. You’d think local agriculture would be important to New York City maintaining economic and political dominance of the area.

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