Copyright 1986.

The Alpha Triad starts out on its interrupted journey to the Twin Cities. Blade the leader is apprehensive about leaving the family. He doesn’t want to leave his fiancée and also is worried after Plato tells him about a possible powermonger in the Family. He also is not comfortable taking Joshua along at Plato’s insistence. Joshua is a pacifist and Blade feels that he is not cut out for the mission. Plato wants him along to be the peaceful negotiator for anyone they meet.

Traveling in the SEAL the four move through a deserted Minnesota countryside. At the town of Thief River Falls the group encounter armed men. After defeating them they rescue a prisoner, a girl named Bertha. Bertha is from the Twin cities and was captured by the Watchers. The Watchers are mysterious soldiers that have closed off the Twin Cities and will not let anyone leave. She tells of a hellish place the city has become. There are four factions fighting over the city. One the Wacks are cannibalistic and crazy. There are also hordes of rats, cockroaches and dangerous wild animals.

Before the group can move on they are attacked by the Watchers and their half man half beast servants the Brutes. Now they are in a fight for survival.

The second book continues to set up the world that Blade and the Family finds itself in. We are introduced to a mysterious group of soldiers. They have newly manufactured supplies and money which indicates that a functioning civilization is active somewhere in the country. We also get a glimpse of what awaits them in the Twin Cities. And finally we get to know the warriors of Blade, Hickok, and Geronimo a little bit better. Definitely makes me want to continue reading this series.

A note that Thief River Falls is an actual town in northern Minnesota.


  1. I’m intrigued that ‘Thief River Falls’ should be an actual town name and apparently prominent enough that it gets to be the subtitle for this book. Admittedly, I’m not from Minnesota so for all I know it’s impossible to live between the Rockies and Lake Michigan and not recognize the name, but it feels like naming a post apocalyptic East Coast book ‘Voyage to Wanaque, New Jersey’.

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