Copyright 1986.

It has been one hundred years since the Big Blast as WWIII is called. Kurt Carpenter’s home has survived and the descendants called The Family are still struggling to survive. Life is a constant struggle with harsh weather, drifting chemical clouds and mutates. Mutates are pus coverer animals that have been scarred by the radiation/chemicals of the war and are constantly hunting for food to sate their ravenous appetite.

Plato the leader is worried about another threat facing The Family. A form of premature senility is striking the Home. Each successive generation it strike family members at a younger age. Soon the Family faces extinction. So Plato proposes that an expedition to the Twin Cities be mounted to retrieve vital equipment and medical supplies to find a cure. He has the family unearth the SEAL(Solar Energized Amphibious or Land Recreational Vehicle). The SEAL was buried by Carpenter in the event the family needed to travel outside the Home. It is solar powered and impervious to bullets.

Before the expedition starts the Home is attacked by a gang called the Trolls. A number of women are kidnapped and taken to their stronghold in Fox. Now the warriors of the Alpha Triad must take the SEAL to rescue their women.

The first book that started it all. We are introduced to the Alpha Triad. Hickok a deadly shot with his twin pearl handled Colt Python .357 magnums. Geronimo descended from Blackfoot Indians and an excellent tracker. Wields two tomahawks. And Blade the leader. Seven feet of all muscle and wears twin bowies. He is the star of this series and will be on all the covers.

The book sets up the world of Endworld and it’s principal characters. Its a fun little adventure with foreshadowing of much more dangerous foes such as the Watchers in their future. On a side note their is actually a small town called Fox, Minnesota located on the Canadian border. Also other towns and highways are on the map. Either the author is familiar with the area or like me consulted the road map.


  1. no11811

    Endworld, Outrider, Deathlands….. I was a young teenager when I got sucked into these wonderful postapoc books. Thank you for bringing back some wonderful nostalgia. If you ever get a chance to read Endworld – The Kalispell Run, it takes place in my home town. 😉

  2. I must admit I’m delighting in the logic of, “Well, the apocalypse is finally here. I guess we could use this bulletproof car that doesn’t need gasoline, but it’d really only be fair to bury it in case somebody needs it a century from now to drive to Saint Paul or something.” I suppose it’s not presented in quite that way in the book.

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