Copyright 2009.

Kurt Carpenter is a successful Hollywood movie producer. He is also a realist and has invested his considerable fortune in building a survivalist compound in Northwestern Minnesota. Stocked with plenty of food and weapons, surrounded by a twenty foot wall and a moat, the compound known as The Home is designed to survive the worst. That day comes when a war in the middle east quickly gets out of control. Soon every country on the planet is chucking nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Now Carpenter and the selected friends and family must make their way to the home in a world where civilization and the rule of law is quickly collapsing.

Back in the eighties there were a number of series about life after a nuclear war. One of my favorites was the Endworld series by David Robbins. I loved the adventures of the warriors of the home as they traveled to different parts of the country in the post-nuclear America. They took on strange societies and kooky despots. The story had humor, action, drama, and colorful characters. It had stories with strong messages of family and the warrior ethos. In general it never took itself seriously and was a fun read. After 27 books and 13 in the spinoff series Blade the books like most just quit in the early nineties.

Well imagine my surprise when I found that the author has revived the series. This book is a prequel to the Endworld series. We finally get to see the legendary founder Kurt Carpenter and the beginnings of what a hundred years would become the Home and the Family. This is like finding an old friend after twenties years. Robbins has also completed a 28th book in the series with a 29th on the way. I am going to enjoy revisiting the exciting world that is Endworld.


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