Well a new year has started. 2014 was the year a started on wordpress and its been a positive experience. I read a lot of interesting posts. Connected with fascinating people from all around the world. What was totally unexpected was a actually published a short story from ten years ago.

So I thought I’d share what I was doing with my time off all last week and a fragmented vacation this week. I get New Years Eve and day off. Another passion of mine is movies. I almost went with a blog on reviewing my vast collection of DVD/Blu ray movies. I might some day actually start another blog. Well I used my Christmas bonus to acquire a whole bunch of new movies for my collection. Here are a sample

MY WAY Rival marathon runners a Korean and Japanese find themselves in the Japanese army fighting the Soviets in Mongolia. They are captured and then enter the Soviet army. Captured by Germans and are in the German army at Normandy. I found this movie on a blog and this a really interesting movie.

THE RAID 2 I got the first Raid last Christmas. This Indonesian movie was the most kick ass martial arts movie I ever saw and look forward to watching its sequel.

THE MUPPET MOVIE I watched this back when I was ten when it first came out.

THE LOST EMPIRE Take Enter the Dragon except with big haired silicon enhanced woman in the main roles. Indeed the ladies seem to have trouble finding clothes to contain them. After a while they just give up trying. A cheezy classic from the eighties.

MOONTRAP Walter Koenig and Bruce Campbell head to the moon with guns to stop robots from conquering the Earth.

DIRTY MARY, CRAZY LARRY A classic car chase movie from the seventies.

TANK GIRL A wild post-apocalyptic story based on a comic book.

And there are many more. Well see you next year.

3 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. I remember seeing Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry in the theater when it was new! I totally forgot about the movie. Maybe you could add a monthly DVD segment like this one every now and then. I enjoyed it. Happy New Year!

  2. I quite liked Tank Girl, but that’s because it was silly in a way I find appealing. I can’t say whether that’s a sane assessment of it.

    Moontrap intrigued me when it was coming out, because Starlog kept writing articles about it about how finally Walter Koenig was getting to make a science fictional name for himself in something that wasn’t Star Trek, and then it turned out nobody went to see the movie anyway.

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