Copyright 1987

The story finds Eric Ravensmith is tracking his son when he is set upon by a savage group of men. These green men are cannibals that ambush any traveler through there lands. Eric barely escapes with his life. The green men are part of a much bigger plan.

Mt. Calm is a secret government installation designed to house the government in the aftermath of a nuclear war. Major DeGraff now rules with an iron fist. Supplies are running short and DeGraff has plans. Like modern Mongols his troops emerge and start pillaging the countryside.

Now Eric must unite the various survivors to fight this new scourge. At Coup Town the largest settlement in the new California he makes a final stand that will determine who rules the island of California.

The sixth and final book in the Warlord series. This was not written by the original author and creator but another guy named Rick Rainey. I can’t find anything about this guy but the story was interesting and he seems a competent writer. There are two things that I did not like. The first was how he handled Eric’s reunion with his son. It was very brief and had Eric deciding that his son was a different person. They just went their owns ways with no reconciliation. I wonder how Raymond Obersfeld would have handled it.

The second was that the ending seems kind of rushed. Like the writer realized he had to finish up so just wrote in a quick final battle. Yes Eric wins and it ends with him taking control of Mt. Calm and I assume that he lives happily ever after. I guess that I would like to know how the creator would have ended this series.

My final thoughts on this series. I enjoyed it. I remember spending Saturday afternoons engrossed in this strange savage world of California cut off from the rest of the world. Sure the whole chemical bubble perfectly covering California is downright absurd. It was a fasted paced story that kept me interested than and still kept my interest all these years later.

Oh and I can not give any goofy sex scenes to quote from this book. Rich Rainey had Eric too busy in this story so he didn’t have any time for sex.


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