Copyright 1985

The story opens with Eric Ravensmith tracking Dodd a former member of Fallow’s gang. Eric hopes to get information on the whereabouts of Fallows so he can rescue his son Tim. The trail leads to northern California around San Francisco. Fisherman’s Wharf is now an armed community run by the former inmates of San Quentin. Now its called Aesgard and run by Thor. Thor was a former mob hitman on deathrow and fan of Norse mythology. He dresses in ties and freshly ironed shirts. He also carries around a large hammer that he occasionally uses to cave in the skull of those that annoy him. This usually results in blood on his freshly ironed shirts which causes all sorts of grief to his personal launderer.

Eric catches up to Dodd in the local infirmary and while questioning him is kidnapped by some women. The woman are from a community living on Alcatraz. They used to live at Fisherman’s Wharf until Thor and his men attacked and took over. Most of the men were killed and now the survivors consist of women, children and the elderly. They thought Eric was Aesgard’s doctor which was why they took him. Now he must lead a desperate defense of the island from Thor.

The fourth book in the series is another side adventure from his quest to rescue his son. Seems like the pattern for this series is the odd books deal with Fallows and the even are adventure with other various baddies. The main development in this book is that Eric gets a new sidekick. D.B. is a seventeen year old girl that he rescues from slavery. She is a singer and wants to become a sort of bard for this post-apocalyptic California. I thought she was a great choice for his companion. She is optimistic and reminds Eric of his humanity. Another great book in the series.

Can’t end it without the goofy sex scene. “Finally rivulets of sweat rolling down his arms, chest, buttocks he entered her.”


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