Eric Ravensmith and Tracy have tracked down Dirk Fallows and his gang around the ruins of Santa Barbara. The two almost don’t survive their first encounter and must retreat to recover from their wounds. While in the area the government drops leaflets warning that they are conducting tests on the Long Beach Halo. Everyone should evacuate from a fifty mile radius. Eric doesn’t believe the governments warning and knows something is up. He also knows that Fallows won’t buy the government’s story and will be right in the center of the action which is where Eric plans to be to rescue his son.

They find out that the government is sending in the space shuttle Columbia to penetrate the Halo. Lead by Paige Lyons she is there to find her father Ronald Lyons. Dr. Lyons was working on a space defense system and the government is desperate to recover his work. Eric cuts a deal that he will help them if they will take his son. Of course he has to rescue his son in a short period of time.

The search for Paige’s father lead them to his cabin which is now inhabited by children that have turned to cannibalism. It also puts them in direct confrontation with Fallows. Eric fails to rescue his son and decides to stay while his partner Tracy departs for civilization. Paige stays to continue her search for her father but will do it alone. Eric is now all alone to continue his quest to rescue his son.

The third book in the series is another solid story. Eric is now alone on his quest and we get some more insight in the history between Eric and Fallows. The most fascinating aspect of this book was Fallows brainwashing techniques he uses on Tim. It involves some heavy psychological games which I could see as being quite effective.

And of course you can’t have a Warlord story without the over the top sex scene. The goofiest passage the stood out was “He bucked up while forcing his hips downward. His penis spurted like a lawn sprinkler. They hugged each other close, claws buried in flesh, while they rode out Eric’s continued spasms.”


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