Well another Rifftrax live this Thursday. This one was the movie Anaconda. If you haven’t seen the movie it is about a documentary expedition that goes down the Amazon to find a lost tribe. Along the way they get sidetracked by a Paraguayan snake trapper played by Jon Voight. Jon wants to capture a forty foot long Anaconda and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. Of course the documentary crew is completely not up to this task and the snake starts gulping them down throughout the movie. Finally the last two survivors Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube manage to trap the snake in a smokestack of an abandoned foundry and send it to a fiery death. A very long and drawn out death.

Before the movie the crew warmed up the audience with two shorts. The first was an old short called the Halloween Party. A family has a crisis when there vicious German Shepard decides to chew up the son’s cat mask costume which was a paper bag with holes cut for the eyes and whiskers drawn on. Being without another paper bag the family is thrown into a panic but the quick thinking mom comes up with a plan. Taking a sombrero and some colorful cloth makes her son into a lady scarecrow. The young Howdy Doody looking kid wins the contest and more than likely goes on to a life of daily beatings at the hands of this fellow classmates.

The second was a preview of a National Geography special coming in December. The crew riffs on a episode of some show where an Englishman goes looking for a deadly river snake in Thailand. It looked real funny and I plan to catch it when it airs.

So this is the bonus movie this year for Rifftrax. Their kickstarter campaign raised so much money they had enough for a second movie. I contributed five dollars and it was money well spend. Anaconda was a perfect movie for riffing and I think it was a lot more funnier than the Godzilla show. I actually like this movie and saw it in theaters back in 1997. Watching it now I still like it for it’s campy charm but the riffing highlighted stuff I didn’t notice back then.

The snake was real fake. I mean really fake. Now back in 1997 I thought that it was realistic. I suppose times can change perspective on effects. I suppose Star Wars is now kind of cheezy but was really cutting edge back then. The snake when it was on fire at the end slides around on top of the water instead of going into it to put out the fire. That was one stupid fake snake.

The other was Jon Voight’s scene chewing acting throughout the movie. He was the butt of most of the funniest jokes in the movie. LLLadies and beeferoni got some the best laughs. You had to watch it to understand. I forgot how funny his take on the scarred snake poacher was. He seems to be channeling Steven Segal. He has the same pony tail and puffy face. He talks like he has a mouth full of mashed potatoes. A bold and yet incomprehensible choice to play the character.

It was definitely worth the five dollars I contributed and you can still catch an encore presentation in November 4.

Trailer for the original movie.

Also coming is another Rifftrax in December. They do Santa Claus a fifties Mexican movie that is a favorite from the Mystery Science days.


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