The Warsaw Pact is on the offensive and NATO troops are retreating throughout the Zone. Major Revell and the Special Combat Company can do little but join the general exodus. Battered by constant airstrikes the company comes upon a picturesque village that seems untouched by the war. They have inadvertently stumbled on to paradise valley.

Paradise Valley is a myth among the NATO troops of a vast supply dump. The myth is in fact real with vast supplies stored in underground bunkers beneath the village. Defended by a company of elderly Dutch pioneers and a British air defense unit the situation looks hopeless. Surrounded by Soviets who are desperate to capture the supplies that are needed to continue their offensive. Now Revell and his misfits and mavericks must make a last stand that could determine the outcome of the war.

The seventh book in the series is a very solid story. A lot happens in this one. We get a lot of new characters. One tragic loss is Boris the Russian deserter that was assigned to the unit. He was tragic character and died a noble death. The callous reaction from Andrea has finally broken the weird obsession that Revell had for her. Unfortunately in later books the weird relationship these two have will continue.

The new characters in the unit.
Lt. Voke the leader of the Dutch pioneers. His men will now be part of the unit.
Old William a real old coot that is part of the Dutch pioneers.
Scully the self appointed cook.
Carrington a demolitions expert with veins filled with ice.


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