Nu the son of Nu is hunting for Oo the fearsome prehistoric saber-toothed tiger. While sleeping in a cave an earthquake strikes and buries Nu. It miraculously preserves him for over 100,000 when another earthquake awakens him in modern Africa circa 1913. He finds himself in a strange new world and sets out to find his tribe.

Not to far away Tarzan has guests at his estate. One is a young American woman from Beatrice, Nebraska named Victoria Custer. Victoria is the reincarnation of Nu’s mate Nat-ul. She has dreams of Nu and feels mysteriously drawn to the strange primitive caveman. She has typical adventures found in Burroughs stories. Attacked by lions and kidnapped by Arab slavers. Nu saves her but realizes that they come from two different worlds.

An earthquake strikes and Nu is knocked unconscious. He wakes up back in his time and sets off back to his tribe. Once again there are further adventures where he has to rescue Nat-ul who has been kidnapped by a rival tribe. At the end a massive earthquake destroys Nu’s tribe. Back in 1913 Victoria wakes up and finds that her adventures were all a dream. She goes to the cave she dreamed of and finds the fossilized bones of a caveman with the head of Oo. Oo the beast killed as an offering to Nat-ul , to her.

This is an interesting book. It explored reincarnation which Burroughs has used in other stories. I liked the time travel aspect of the story. This was a solid adventure story. Tarzan has a minor cameo appearance. Barney Custer the brother of Victoria will get a story of his own in the next book. I suppose that somewhere in the world is the reincarnated soul of Nu waiting for Victoria. I’m surprised that Burroughs never wrote that story.


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