The Special Combat Company is assigned to routine salvage operations in a quiet part of the Zone. Major Revell has just come back from HQ looking for a better assignment. A group of leftist civilians has started out on a peace mission to the Soviet lines. Revell’s unit is to intercept them and bring them back. Not what Revell was looking for but better than salvaging damaged vehicles so the unit heads out in an old Marder APC.

Meanwhile in Moscow Colonel Rozenkov has just been promoted to Department A the propaganda arm of the KGB. To solidify his promotion his first task is to intercept the peace mission and turn it into a public publicity stunt to show the Soviet Union in a positive light. Rozenkov is an ambitious and ruthless agent that will do anything to further his career.

He has to deal with not only Revell’s men but the GRU, Soviet military intelligence that want to steal his glory. The civilians travel through land that has been contaminated by biological warfare so time is critical if he hopes to intercept them alive. It all comes to a violent confrontation in an abandoned Czech village.

The sixth book in the series is another exciting read. This time we get some of the story from the perspective of the Soviets. There’s a lot of intrigue and backstabbing in the story.

There are no losses to the unit and only one addition. Thorne the British sapper that was impersonating an officer from the last book is now part of the team. He favors the use of a flamethrower.



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