Professor Maxon is one of those kooky mad scientists. He wants to create life and moves to an isolated island off the coast of Borneo. He takes his young daughter Virginia, Von Horn a former naval officer with a criminal background and several native servants. After twelve attempts that result in deformed monstrosities he finds success with number thirteen. Thirteen is a perfect specimen with an intelligent but naïve mind. Maxon goes about educating him with the goal of marrying him to his daughter.

This doesn’t set well with Von Horn. He desires Virginia for himself and works to turn opinion against thirteen. At the same time the servants conspire with a local Malay pirate Muda Sarif. He also desires the young Virginia and the chest of treasure rumor has that the professor has with him.

The compound is attacked by the pirates and Virginia is abducted and taken to the interior. Thirteen his able to rally his fellow creations and off they go to rescue Virginia.

This book is sort of a homage to The Island of Doctor Moreau. It’s an OK book. One of his earlier writing from 1913. For some reason I just never got into this story.


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