The kingdoms of Margoth and Karlova are small European countries that are age old rivals. The two countries decide that a royal marriage between Princess Mary of Margoth and Prince Boris of Karlova would united the two countries. The royal couple involved are vehemently opposed to a marriage to a hereditary enemy.

Meanwhile Gwendolyn Bass and her mother have come to visit her collage friend the princess Mary. Gwendolyn’s mother is intent on marrying her daughter to royalty. She loves a fellow American Hemington Main who has pursued her to Margoth.

Now prince Boris is a rebellious sort and likes to take off to meet his friends at an isolated tavern in the countryside. On the way he is waylaid by the Rider, a brigand that has been terrorizing both kingdoms. Boris manages to capture him. At the tavern with his captive he meets Hemmington and hears his story. He agrees to help by impersonating the Rider and kidnapping Gwendolyn. He will bring her to Hemmington and the two can get married. The rider will impersonate him and take his place in the official visit to court the princess Mary.

Well Boris is able to waylay the Bass family car but mistakes the princess Mary for Gwendolyn. What follows are wacky adventures that result in the two falling in love. It all works out in the end and a royal wedding is all but insured to unite the two countries.

This is a book that I really enjoyed. It has a lot of goofy complex intrigue and mistaken identities that only Burrough’s could pull off. One of his better stand alone novels.


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