Winter is coming and thanks to all the nuclear weapons used in the Zone it is predicted to be a cold one. The Soviets need to get its fleet out of the Baltic before the ports freeze over. They have strong armed Sweden into allowing passage of the Soviet fleet through their territorial waters. Then the fleet could cause untold damage to the North Sea oilrigs and NATO resupply convoys.

NATO comes up with a bold plan. Drop a team on an uninhabited island off the coast of neutral Sweden. There they will launch missiles at the fleet and Swedish military installations. This will hopefully start a shooting war that eventually brings Sweden in on the side of NATO.

Major Revell and his Special Combat Company are assigned this task. They are dropped in temperatures of thirty below on the island. Immediately things start to go wrong. The drop kills over half the men and destroys much of their equipment. The brutal cold threatens to finish the survivors off. If this wasn’t bad enough the Swedes have given permission for the Soviets to establish a listening post on one of their islands. Guess which one they chose.

The third book in the series is probably the weakest in the whole series. For two thirds there is little action and it deals with them landing on the island and establishing their plan of attack. It is an interesting read but compared to the other books it lacks action.

This story also gives Revell’s command a name, the Special Combat Company. They have some gains and losses.
Lt. Hogg- dies from frostbite.
York- decapitated by a naval artillery bombardment at the end.
Bombardier Cline- senior surviving member of the British artillery specialists. Is a real kiss ass and very ambitious for promotion.
Fraser- a medic.

Boris- Soviet deserter.



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