A man vacationing in Greenland comes across a bottle floating in the ocean. He retrieves it and finds a message with an incredible story.

Bowen Tyler Jr. has volunteered for the British ambulance service in 1915. While traveling across the Atlantic his ship is hit and sunk by a torpedo from a German U-boat. Bowen and his Airedale Nobs survive and are later picked up by a British tugboat along with another survivor, a beautiful woman. The tugboat is attacked later by the same U-boat and the crew manages the take the U-boat with the loss of the tugboat.

Now the crew is trapped on the U-boat. With no radio they can’t signal and are attacked by any British warship. After harrowing adventures were the German crew retakes and loses the boat, it drifts into the south Atlantic. Low on supplies the ship comes upon a mysterious island near the Antarctic. The island is surrounded by steep cliffs but an underwater passage is navigable by the sub.

Beyond the cliffs is a prehistoric land with savage dinosaurs and even more savage men. As they progress upstream the animal and plant life seem to advance on the evolutionary scale. The German and British crew form a truce and build a fort. Finding crude oil they hope to refine to escape Caspak as the savage inhabitants call this land.

Bowen is leading a party of men in exploration when they are attacked by the prehistoric inhabitants. He is separated from the others and writes the account. He climbs to the cliff top and hurls it into the ocean hoping someone will find it and rescue him.

Well if you haven’t guessed this book is the inspiration for my blog title. The first in the Caspak trilogy is an exciting adventure filled with dinosaurs and cavemen. I am a sucker for anything with dinosaurs in it. The one thing that mars this book is the portrayal of the Germans. This was just after America entered the war and the Germans are portrayed as cruel, stupid and bloodthirsty. Von Schoenvorts the captain is a stereotypical Prussian. He exists to cruise around and sink any ship neutral or allied just for the hell of it. This makes no sense but does illustrated the mentality of America during the early years of the war.

There was a movie with Doug McClure made in the seventies. It is cheezy but fun to watch and very faithful to the original book.

Thirty years later the Asylum made a movie that is no less cheezier and a much looser adaptation of the book. For an Asylum film it is pretty good.



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