The third battle of Frankfurt is underway. A column of Soviet tanks and APC’s have broken through the lines and in five hours will be in Frankfurt. While not enough to take the city politically it would be a disaster for NATO and a potential expansion of the Zone. Major Revell and his joint NATO strike force are tasked with delaying the column until a force can be assembled.

Revell decides he doesn’t want to delay the force but destroy it. At a small abandoned village he is joined by an eager young lieutenant who has scraped together rear echelon personnel. They set an ambush for a final showdown that will determine the fate of the battle.

The second book in the Zone series is another exciting book. This one had a lot more action than the first. Andrea is showing herself to be a real bloodthirsty wacko. She attached herself to Clarence to absorb his skills in sniping. Then like a parasite she will start to absorb the other teams specialties in her quest for revenge against the Russians. We lose some characters and gains others.
Kurt- the Grepo gets a piece of flying metal through his chest.
Cohen- blown up by a tank shell at the end. Dooley is upset because he took all his money with him.
Lt. Hogg- an American engineering officer who is desperate to see action. Always has a dumb smile on his face.
Ripper- a hillbilly straight out of Deliverance.There for comic relief.
York- the new naïve recruit.


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