The Wizard of Venus

Carson sets off with Ero Shan to return him to his home city of Havatoo. Along the way they get involved with a land that is under the control of Morgas. Morgas is somewhat of a charlatan in his claims to being a great wizard. Carson uses his considerable telepathic powers to defeat him.

This is the final story of Carson of Venus. It is an interesting story. In the first book it is established that Carson learned the power of telepathy while a boy in India. This is how he communicates his stories to Burroughs. This story he finally uses these powers. I am not sure why he didn’t use them before except that maybe these powers make it too easy to get out of difficult situations.

My final thoughts on the Venus series. I think they were one of the best. Carson seemed to be a character I could relate to. The world he created for Venus had endless possibilities for exciting stories and adventure.

Pirate Blood

John Lafitte is a motorcycle cop in southern California. While trying to make an arrest he is trapped on a dirigible and ends up in the south Pacific. There he falls into a gang of pirates. He works his way to second in command and eventually falls in love with the leaders woman La Diablesa.

This is an interesting short stand alone story. A major theme is that heredity sort of determines ones destiny. Lafitte had a famous ancestor who was a pirate and life threw him into the profession. I don’t really believe that heredity determines a persons outcome. I will admit thought that it can influence a person. I myself am aware of certain traits both negative and positive that I seem to share with my parents.


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