The last book left Carson captive of the Thorists with Duare escaping. Unfortunately Carson finds that she has been recaptured and they are both prisoners of Kapdor. Carson is condemned to die in the Room of the Seven Doors. A fiendish setup where the captive has seven doors to choose from for freedom. Six of the doors have a gruesome death waiting behind them. Carson outwits the room and escapes the city with Duare.

They get lost in a storm and find themselves in an unexplored region of Venus. Here they are captured by Skor the Jong(king) of Morov. Skor is a scientist who has found the secret of reanimating the dead. Morov is a zombie city of the dead. Carson escapes to the neighboring city of Havatoo.

Havatoo is a highly advanced and civilized city. Its people are happy, healthy and crime free. They achieved it by cleansing all people with undesirable genetic traits. Carson is tested and found to have theses genes. Sentenced to death, he is pardoned when they find out his knowledge of astronomy and how to build an airplane.

One night a friend is kidnapped by the undead from Morov. Carson discovers a secret underground passage to Morov. He infiltrates the city and rescues both his friend and Duare. Duare is found to also have undesirable genes so Carson escapes with her in his newly build airplane. Duare declares her love for Carson.

The second book in the Venus series is another worthy read. Havatoo and Morov are interesting contrasts in extremes. The book is definitely another exciting chapter in Carson’s adventures on Amtor.


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