John Carter is restless and decides to explore the lost city of Horz. While flying over in his flyer he sees a man being attacked by green men. He joins the fray on the side of this lone belligerent and defeats the green warriors. He discovers after the fight the man is a blond haired member of the Orovars. The Orovars were thought to be extinct but a lost colony still survives in hiding.

The Orovars are thankful for Carter’s intervention but take him prisoner. Their laws require all strangers be put to death to preserve the Orovars secrecy. The man Carter saved Pan Dan Chee agrees to watch over Carter until his appeal and both are locked in the catacombs. There the two find a mad man that embalms people. After defeating him Carter finds his granddaughter Llana one of his victims.

Llana of Gathol had escaped after being kidnapped by Hin Abtol. Hin Abtol was a jeddak in a northern kingdom that conquered the yellow men at the north pole. He is obsessed with conquering the world and has started at Gathol. His armies besiege the kingdom and his agents succeed in capturing Llana who Abtol wants as his wife.

Carter and his two companions escape the catacombs and what follows is an epic adventure for the three. They get captured by renegade black pirates. Escape Hin Abtol’s capital and a confrontation with a race that is invisible.

The tenth book in the Martian series is another excellent story. Carter is once again the main protagonist. It uses a simple but proven formula. A damsel in distress must be saved from a deranged mad man bent on world conquest. The hero has to fight numerous men and beasts. Travel through exotic and dangerous locales to defeat the evil plan. And of course the hero gets the love of the woman. In this case Pan Dan Chee and LLana. I guess I never get tired of it.

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