It is 2004 and Godzilla finds a way out from the center of the Earth from the last book. He burst out of Krakatau volcano and starts to make his way north. Anguirus is destroying oil rigs in the Caspian sea. Baragon has surfaced in Montana and starts to munch down cattle and people.

Fortunately the governments of the world have been working on an answer to the Kaiju problem. The Russian Federation has build Moguera and is piloted by a young Olympic gymnast Nadia Nimova. Japan and the U.S. jointly develop Mechagodzilla and he is piloted by a young paraplegic with new VR technology.

The greatest threat comes from Mongolia. The new dictator Kulgan Khan has dreams of world conquest. He finds King Ghidorah with its middle head torn off from its last fight with Godzilla. The Khan has his scientists rebuild it into Mecha-King Ghidorah. It is piloted by a young girl with a psychic link to it. The robots and Godzilla meet in a final showdown in Tokyo.

The fourth book in the series is another solid entry. It brings some more favorite and obscure monsters from the movies. There was a fifth book Godzilla and the Lost Continent that was supposed to follow. It sounded like it was the best story of the series. Unfortunately Random House’s license from Toho expired and it was never released. That’s too bad since the description and sample chapter in the back of this book intrigued me. It sounds like it was written so maybe some day the book will become available.

My final thoughts on this series. I love Godzilla and it was a real treat to find these books. It gave a fresh new perspective on Godzilla yet staying true to the mythology. I hope the lost book surfaces someday to give the series the closure it deserves.

Here are the new monster role call:




Mecha-King Ghidorah

And a bit of nostalgia when I was a kid on Saturday mornings


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