Kip Daniels is a troubled teen living in LA. His only joy in life is the video game Battleground 2000. One day he skips school to play the game at the arcade and reaches the highest level. Suddenly men is suits take him away at gunpoint. The video game is actually a test by the US Air Force to find talented young men and women to operate a new weapons system. Kip now finds himself part of G-force a secret force dedicated to defending against Godzilla or any other Kaiju that appears.

Well this is the later end of 1999 and all hell starts to break loose. Varan emerges from the Gulf of Mexico and causes destruction from the Yucatan to Galveston. Rodan sets up a nest on top of Mount Rushmore. Meteors from space land in Kansas and mutate preying mantis into Kamacuras. Into this Godzilla surfaces at California and starts a trek cross country.

Godzilla is actually being lead by Mothra to a confrontation with King Ghidorah. It all concludes with an apocalyptic battle in New York between Godzilla and King Ghidorah on New Years Day with the fate of the world in balance. Dick Clarks’ New Year show has to be moved to Atlanta.

The second book in the Godzilla series goes all out. It brings back some of Godzilla’s adversaries and gives them a modern makeover. The story has what makes any Godzilla story, a world destroying threat and lots of giant monsters stomping around. Throw in the high tech gadgets and various cast of believable characters and you have another fun story.

Here is the monster role call:
King Ghidorah





Bambi. OK not in the book but could have happened on Godzilla’s cross-country journey


4 thoughts on “GODZILLA 2000 BY MARC CERASINI

  1. Good luck. These books I think are out of print and hard to find. This book has only one for sale on Amazon used for $69.95 plus shipping. I did find two at Half Price books recently so they may still be available at used bookstores at a reasonable price.
    If you do please tell me how you like it. You would be the first to actually get a book based on my review.

  2. Half Price Books was my first thought. I could honestly spend my life savings at that place, and mostly on the most random fantasy/sci-fi pulp. It’s not a gem I expect to find, but if I do happen to locate it…oh man. All the dogs in the area will start barking from the pitch of my squealing.

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