An American B-17 bomber is on a reconnaissance mission over Japanese occupied Sumatra in 1944. It is shot down and the crew are forced to bail out. It looks grim for the survivors. To make matters worse the English Colonel who was an observer seems to go mad. He strips down to a loincloth and throws his pistol away. But this English colonel is John Clayton, otherwise known as Tarzan.

Tarzan’s woodcraft and survival skills help the survivors overcome their situation. Now he must lead this group through a hostile jungle filled with savage beasts and men plus the Japanese occupation troops. Joined by a young Dutch girl and her Chinese servant they make for the coast to find a boat and freedom.

The twenty-second book in the series is a unique idea. Burroughs was in Hawaii as a war correspondent during the war. The oldest in his sixties. It would be logical that he would have his hero Tarzan fight the Japanese. The title comes from the multi national makeup of the group. This would be the last book published in Burrough’s lifetime.

This book also attempts to explain Tarzan’s seeming immortality. By now he would be in his sixties but still looks thirty. One story is of a witchdoctor that performed a ritual on him in gratitude for saving him from a lion. The other is the pills he took from the Kavuru in Tarzan’s Quest.

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