Carthoris,the son of John Carter and Dejah Thoris,is madly in love with Thuvia a pricess of Ptarth. Unfortunately Thuvia is betrothed to the Jeddak of Kaol. Thuvia has also aroused the interest of Astok the prince of Dusar. Astok kidnaps Thuvia and frames Carthoris.

With war imminent among the principal nations involved, Carthoris sets out to rescue Thuvia. The quest leads him to a lost valley inhabited by an ancient race thought long extinct. The Lotharians have perfected their mental capabilities were they can conjure lifelike images. They are also without any women. Tasio the Jeddak of Lothar desires Thuvia.

Carthoris manages to escape with Thuvia. After some more adventures escaping savage green men and prince Astok the two come upon Kulan Gath’s ship. It has been downed and being overrun by green men. Carthoris’s Lotharian friend uses his mental power to conjure up an army to rescue Gath. Kulan sees that Thuvia loves Carthoris and released her from her betrothal.

The fourth book in the Barsoom series is another exciting adventure. I like that two minor characters from the previous books were given their own stories. It wasn’t as good as the first three but those did set the bar high. Its still an enjoyable book.


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