Tarzan comes to the major settlement after receiving a message from his good friend D’Arnot. D’Arnot asks Tarzan to help look for Brian Gregory. Brian was lost while looking for a lost civilization that contains the Father of Diamonds. Tarzan agrees to help and finds out that he looks exactly like Brian.

Alan Thome is a shady character obsessed with finding the Father of Diamonds. He sees Tarzan and thinks that he is Brian. His agents try to capture Tarzan but finds out that is not something one does with ease. He easily defeats Thome’s minions and heads off with the Gregory safari. Thome follows with an agent placed in the Gregory safari.

Both safaris end up in a secret valley inhabited by a lost civilization of Phoenicians. There are two warring cities and Brian is held prisoner in an underwater temple. After fighting many foes Tarzan rescues his friends and Brian. They then discover the secret of the Father of Diamonds.

Well this is another Tarzan that finds a lost civilization. It’s also the second time that another character was a Tarzan lookalike. Still the story works. Its told in a different way with different characters. I thought it was another solid Tarzan book.

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