Last Thursday I went to see the live broadcast of Rifftrax Live: Sharknado. Rifftrax was started by three of the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000. They record hilarious commentary for the big budget movies that you can play on your I pod while watching the DVD. Every year they do about three or four live events that are broadcast to theaters in the U.S. and Canada live. I decided to take a break from book reviews to promote this.

It started off with the guys doing a classical short from their MST3K days. A Case of Spring Fever is an odd short from the 30’s. Coily the demonic sprite that torments a poor sap that had the nerve to wish for a world without springs. Go ahead and check out the old MST3K version.

After some brief clips for their Godzilla Rifftrax next month and the upcoming Sharknado II the movie starts. If you haven’t seen the movie I can tell you that its as absurd as it sounds. A hurricane hits L.A. and scoops up a whole bunch of sharks that it tosses around all over the place. I guess Sharkuricane was not as dramatic as Sharknado. This hurricane seems to result in clear sunny skies anyway. I guess that’s how hurricanes work in L.A. There is at the end several water spouts filled with sharks so the audience does get plenty of Sharknado action.

The films ‘stars’ Ian Ziering as an owner of a dive bar by the beach. Ian’s claim to fame was starring in Beverly Hills 90210. I never watched the show so I’ll take their word for it. The bar is the first place to be destroyed by flying sharks and a rogue ferris wheel. He gets in the SUV with his bikini clad waitress, his Tasmanian friend with the accent thicker then Crocodile Dundee and John Heard who plays the creepy old man.

Their on their way to rescue Ziering’s ex-wife and daughter in Beverly Hills. Navigating the flooded freeways infested with sharks they arrive sans John Heard who was tragically eaten. There is the confrontation with his ex played by Tara Reid. A woman who couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag. There is also her hostile boyfriend Discount Billy Zane. He gets it as a great white bursts through the living room window. Now you or I if we got caught up in a tornado and deposited miles away would most likely be pretty disoriented. We would need a few minutes to catch our breath. Not sharks. They are ready to go and real pissed off.

Well they escape before the house is totally destroyed and go off to rescue his son at the airport. After some more adventures dodging sharks they find him. The son is a real bright lad and comes up with a solution. They will make bombs from propane bottles and fly up in a helicopter and toss them into the sharknados. The explosion should equalize the air pressure and collapse the sharknados. And they say that the American education system doesn’t teach science.

Well the plan works and after one of the most ridiculous scenes ever filmed the actors live happily ever after.

There is a lot of argument on the forums if this movie was made bad on purpose. How could it not be. I image the writers at Asylum, the studio that made this, as working in sweat shop conditions. Asylum is constantly cranking out these bad movies. Shark movies seem to be a real specialty for them. So after writing Sharktopus, Giant Shark VS Giant Octopus, Three-headed Shark VS the Space Aliens, Sharktopus VS Blacula, Robot Shark VS Sasquatchand etc. etc. I suppose it’s like putting monkeys in a room full of typewriters. Eventually they would turn out Hamlet. I think that the writers were obviously having fun.

Now I love bad movies. I think its great that writers and other technical people are making a paycheck is this bad economy. Its great for bad actors to finally get a break. Hell after Sharknado 8(you know they’ll make one) Tara Reid can finally pay off her boob job.

Bad movies are meant to be fun. That’s why I like these shows. A group of like minded individuals can come together and enjoy making fun of a really bad movie. Some of the most funniest moments in the show was letting the movie speak for itself. This movie was made for this.

So for anyone residing in North America you can still catch the encore showing on July 15. Check the listing for a theater near you. You can also see the Godzilla in August or Anaconda in October.

Here’s the official trailer.

And just when you thought it was safe to watch the SyFy channel.


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