Brian Shimura is a Japanese-American college student in journalism. He has just arrived in Tokyo for an internship with International News Network(INN). Immediately he is thrust into the biggest story of the millennium. Godzilla has returned and is on another rampage. After destroying a Russian nuclear submarine and several other ships he hits the Japanese mainland. The Japanese Self-Defense forces are mobilized and attack Godzilla by land, air and sea.

Brian gets a first hand view of the action thanks to his uncle Maxwell an admiral in the US Navy. The attacks against Godzilla prove futile and the destruction mounds. Only the self-sacrifice of a Japanese scientist and admiral Maxwell lure the monster away from Tokyo.

I found some missing Godzilla books at the Half Price bookstore and decided it was time to dust off this series of books from the 90’s. I love Godzilla. I don’t think there is anyone under sixty that didn’t grow up watching his movies. Marc Cerasini crafted a tale that is respectful of the mythology. His knowledge of military equipment, Japanese culture and geography brings a believable story to life.

Ever wonder about the submarine crew that gets crushed like a can. The jet pilots that are swatted out of the sky. The freighter crew that watch their flesh melt under Godzilla’s breath. Or the tank crew racing away to avoid getting stomped on. All these little bit players get their place in the sun in this book. This was the beginning of an exciting new book series.

This has been the year for Godzilla. He got a big budget movie which was awesome. Blue rays are being released and Rifftrax live is doing the 1998 movie. I really love these events and encourage anyone in North America to check it out. The kickstarter program was a resounding success and they had enough to do Anaconda in October. I’ll let the guys explain.

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