Tarzan begins the book on a mission of rescue or revenge if needed. The daughter of Muviro the chief of the Waziri has been kidnapped by the Kavuru. The Kavuru are a race of white savages that abduct young women.

While this goes on Jane is traveling on an airplane with her best friend and a Russian count and countess. The plane develops engine trouble and crashes in the jungle. Now the survivors have to make a trek back to civilization. All the while having the deal with the whining countess and the pompous arrogance of her husband.

The story takes both parties to the hidden city of the Kavuru city and their secret of immortality.

The nineteenth book in the series is another solid story. It was nice to see Jane again and she has grown to be a tough independent woman who takes charge of the survivors. She has learned much jungle craft from Tarzan and it comes in handy. Too bad this was her final appearance in the series. She was starting to develop into an interesting character.

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