Tarzan is injured in a storm and has amnesia. He is found by Orando of the Utengi. Orando convinces Tarzan that he is Muzimo a spirit of his dead ancestors. He enlists Tarzan in his quest for revenge against the Leopard Men.

The Leopard Men are a cult among the local tribesmen. They dress as Leopards and with steel claws ambush lone travelers and dismember them in their rituals. Orando’s brother fell to the Leopard Men and so begins the quest against the Leopard Men. A subplot has a girl whose safari abandoned her and being rescued by a poacher. Their paths cross with Tarzan and the Leopard Men.

The eighteenth book is the series is a welcome change of pace. No lost civilizations just the local African setting for this story. The Leopard Men are an interesting idea. A 1946 movie Tarzan and the Leopard Woman used idea. Otherwise it has no other link to the book. It is though a classic Weismuller movie.

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