A movie production has come to Tarzan’s jungle to film The Lion Man. Traveling in a convoy of ten ton trucks they enter the land of the Bansuto. The Bansuto are not very friendly to intruders and continually ambush the convoy as it travels through its lands. During one such attack the star Stanley Obrowski is taken prisoner.

Now Stanley is an exact double for Tarzan in looks if not courage. Lucky for him Tarzan decides to rescue him and takes him to a friendly missionary to recover. Approaching the production he is mistaken for Stanley and Tarzan decides to play along because it amuses him.

Later he must rescue a stuntwoman that was kidnapped by talking gorillas. It leads him to a city of talking gorillas named London and ruled by Henry the VIII. The place was created by a mad scientist who calls himself God and he has plans to eat Tarzan’s brain is his quest for immortality.

The seventeenth book in the series is a real treat. It satirizes the movie industry which Burroughs was unhappy with its interpretation of Tarzan. It also satirizes his own writing. The final chapter Hello, Hollywood! has Tarzan visit Tinseltown. As John Clayton he gets a screen test for the part of Tarzan. He is later deemed unsuitable for the part and gets cast in a minor role.


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