The book starts with several different characters starting out at different points and coming together. First is Lady Barbara Collins who is a sort of Amelia Earhart. She is flying to Cape Town when her plane develops engine trouble. She parachutes out and lands in Midian. It is populated by descendants from ancient Rome who were fleeing persecution for their Christian beliefs. They have a very fundamentalist old testament view. They also have through centuries of inbreeding become epileptic and deformed. Barbara finds a friend in Jezebel who is a beautiful girl and hated by her fellow Midians.

The second is Danny ‘Gunner’ Patrick. He is a mobster from Chicago who had to flee for crossing the wrong people. He meets a fellow traveler and strikes up a friendship with Lafayette Smith. Smith is a geologist going to Africa and Gunner decides to tag along figuring there aren’t any cops in Africa.

The third is Leon Stabutch a Soviet agent. Send by Stalin to avenge the death of their agent Zveri from the last book. He gets captured by a band of brigands run by Dominic Caprietro. Caprietro is a staunch Communist who was forced to desert the Italian army for fomenting mutiny.

Into this comes Tarzan on the trail of Carietro’s brigands who he has heard have been causing trouble. Through a series of adventures the various characters come together, find love and escape from the land of Midian. Tarzan defeats Stabutch and Africa is once again safe from Communism.

The fifteenth is any exciting book in the series. I love how Burroughs can bring together various plot threads. There is actually an appearance by Uncle Joe Stalin himself as a character. This is the only time that Burroughs ever used a real life character is his books.

Anyway this was another enjoyable book in the Tarzan series.

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