Tarzan has just learned how to fly and takes off on his first solo flight. He decides to explore behind the great thorn forest and conveniently for the story his plane engine stalls. He is taken prisoner by the Alali, warrior women that enslave men.

After a brief adventure he escapes and discovers the ant men, eighteen inch tall people with a thriving civilization. Tarzan befriends a prince and is an honored guest at their city. He later takes part in repulsing an attack by a rival city. In the fighting the rival army by sheer numbers overpower the giant Tarzan and with their science shrink him to their size. What follows is his adventures in escaping from the ant men’s city and finding his way back home.

The tenth book in the series is another solid read. The ant men are a unique idea and the intricate civilization that was created for them makes for an interesting story. A theme that pops up in many of Burroughs books is that war is the natural state of man. Looking at history that is a hard observation to disprove. Another theme that was explored is that the dictator of the city where Tarzan is held prisoner has introduced prohibition of alcohol and an income tax. These were both new in the 1920’s and Burroughs clearly didn’t think highly of either.

In conclusion this was another excellent book in the Tarzan series.


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