Bonner and the Mean Brothers are down in the Hotstates and ambush a patrol of Devils. The Devils are the soldiers of Berger who runs the Hotstates. Bonner finds a child’s rifle from a kid he knew from Almost Normal. Now Almost Normal is a small town hidden away in the Appalachian mountains. Its inhabitants are hard-working men and women trying to raise families in this harsh post-apocalypse world. Bonner is a friend of the people of Almost Normal

When he arrives he finds the town burnt to the ground and its citizens taken. He tracks them to the plantation of Farkas. Farkas is the main slaver in the Hotstates and needed slaves for an order from Leather. Leather sent his right hand man Jojo and a contingent of Radleps to collect the slaves.

Bonner convinces a raider gang of midgets and dwarfs called The Lash of the Little People to his cause. Thus Bonner, the Mean Brothers and the Lash assault Farkas compound and free the citizens of Almost Normal from slavery.

The third series in the series is a great change of pace. We get to see a new part of the country. Bonner is shown as man of principal and justice in a world that lacks both. It’s another great book in this exciting road warrior type series.


  1. Kevin satchell

    I started reading the outrider series when they first came out back in the ’80s and it was awesome then I finally found the copies again I now have all of them. I was looking forward to reading the 6th installment in Black death but unfortunately it seems that it won’t happen. I’ve probably read all of these books at least three or four times and I will probably read them again the story lines were wild many hours of great enjoyment reading these books so if Mr Harding is listening or is reading this you have fans who would love to see that sixth installment of the outrider series but if it never comes to pass I have five great stories to reread again. Hopefully Bonner took his woman jumped in his car rode off into the sunset to live a semi normal life is the only thing we can hope for thank you Richard Harding

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