Greg Rivas is a successful musician at the hottest club in the city-state of Ellay. One day a man comes to visit Greg. He is the most powerful man in Ellay and needs Greg’s skills as a redeemer. A redeemer is someone who will kidnap and deprogram members of the cult of Norton Jaybush.

Greg is retired but accepts his job because the person taken by the cult is his lost love from when he was eighteen. So Greg infiltrates the cult and it takes him to the secret at their holy city of Long Beach. The adventure culminates with a meeting of Jaybush at the infamous club known as Deviant’s Palace.

Like most post-apocalypse stories the main protagonist is trying to rebuild or discover some technology to restore civilization. Greg is someone who is comfortable with the post nuke world be lives in. The story is about Greg’s coming to terms with his past. That the idealized woman of his youth is now a pudgy, whinny unattractive girl. He let’s go of the past and look toward the future. It helps him embrace taking on the responsibility to defeat the alien Jaybush’s insidious plan for humanity.

The story could be set anywhere but the post-apocalypse theme gives it a unique flavor. I bought this book because of the post-apocalypse story but found a story with so much more to offer. So if you are not a fan of science fiction or post-apocalypse stories you will still like this book. I highly recommend it.


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