The fourth novel deals with as the title says Tarzan’s son. As a young boy he befriends the ape Akut who is part of a circus act. The ape kills Rokoff’s former henchmen Paulvitch as he tries to enact revenge on the boy. The boy fearing for his new friends life flees to Africa with Akut. There like his father learns how to survive in the jungle.

Later the boy earns the name Korak which means killer in the language of the great apes. He rescues a young Arab girl who is abused by her father. This starts an adventure involving poachers, savage beast and men and Arab slavers.

This is another Tarzan book I would classify as good not great. It is interesting but Korak just doesn’t have the same appeal as his father. I see why Burroughs didn’t much with him is subsequent books.


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