Nicolas Rokoff has escaped from prison. His first order of business is enacting revenge on Tarzan. So he kidnaps his wife and infant son. Luring Tarzan into a trap, Rokoff strands the ape-man on a deserted island off the coast of Africa. He leaves with a note that he plans to take his son to a cannibal tribe to be raised. His wife’s fate is left to his imagination.

Now that would probably be the end for any civilized man but Tarzan was raised in the jungle. Through a series of adventures he befriends a leopard, a tribe of apes and a native by the name of Mugambi. With this motley crew Tarzan escapes the island and follows Rokoff to the interior for a final showdown.

This is the third book in the Tarzan series. I would classify as good not great. It is an interesting read and comes to a satisfying conclusion. There was just nothing that really made this book stand out.


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