The second novel of Tarzan finds him going back to Europe after his selfless sacrifice. On the trip he runs afoul of Nicolas Rokoff trying to frame a French diplomat of cheating at cards. The act of saving the diplomats honor leads Tarzan into the French secret service and adventures in Paris and north Africa. It also earns him an enemy in Rokoff.

On a trip to Cape Town, Rokoff arranges for Tarzan to be thrown overboard so he can steal valuable documents. Tarzan unlike a civilized man doesn’t drown but manages to swim to shore. He finds himself back in his beloved African jungle and decides to stay giving up the ways of man’s civilization.

Tarzan’s travels lead him to a peaceful native village under assault by Arab slavers. His leadership saves the village and he is made the war chief. He hears of a lost city with fabulous treasure and sets out with his loyal Waziri to find this city. He finds this lost city of Opar a lost colony of Atlantis. It is filled with beast men and beautiful women. La the high priestess falls in love with Tarzan and saves him from the sacrificial altar.

At the same time Jane and her fiancé are traveling around the world and are shipwrecked nearby. Through a series of adventures Tarzan reunites with Jane. His cousin dies and it is revealed that Tarzan is the true heir of the Greystoke estate. They get married and head back to civilization.

The second book was even better than the first. Nicolas Rokoff was an excellent opponent. The various locations of Paris, Algeria and lost city of Opar provided for exciting adventures throughout the book. And of course Tarzan is reunited with his love so you have a satisfying happy ending.


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